World’s first LNG research and calibration facility

Abstract from paper by VSL, SP, NEL, Justervesenet, FORCE technology, OGM, and IMS: 
A Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) flowmeter research and calibration facility is being built in Rotterdam by the Dutch metrology institute VSL. This cryogenic test loop will also be used to test and develop LNG analysers, new technologies and devices for measurement of LNG physical properties. The facility will consist of a Primary Standard Loop (PSL) that can measure the mass of LNG flows traceable to the International Kilogram standard in Paris. The primary standard is capable of flow measurements up to 25 m3/hr. A second Midscale Standard Loop (MSL) will measure volumetric flow rate of up to 200 m3/h, expandable to at least 400 m3/h in the future. The Midscale standard is traceable to the PSL and scales the flowrate up using bootstrapping techniques. This paper describes the combined PSL and MSL facility, its objectives, and accomplishments to date.

Read the paper here: FLOMEKO_World’s first LNG research and calibration facility