Testing of new metering skids has been completed by NEL

The excellent collaboration with different flow meter manufacturers in this project resulted in securing six LNG flow meters of different sizes and types, and enabled NEL to design and fabricate suitable metering setups to test these meters in the water test facility under different upstream flow disturbances.

NEL’s UKAS accredited Water Flow Measurement Facility.

A document describing the details of the water test programme including the test parameters and test setups was prepared and approved. Testing at NEL then started in June 18 and successfully completed in July 2018. A total of 28 test cases have been generated covering different upstream disturbances and test temperatures. The metering setups were then shipped to VSL to prepare for the LNG testing.

NEL also completed the analysis of the water test data which have been shared with the project partners. The LNG test programme including test parameters and test setup at the LNG Research and Calibration facility was finalized and approved.  The LNG testing is scheduled to start in May 2019. Once completed, comparison of water and LNG data will be started to fully understand the influence of flow disturbance on measurement uncertainty and provide recommendations to reduce this uncertainty below 0.5%.

Flow disturbances considered in this project.