Training day, LNGII, 22. August 2017, Delft

Cryogenic flow rate measurement with a Laser Doppler Velocimetry standard
by Rémy MAURY, Alain STRZELECKI, Christophe AUCLERCQ, Yvan LEHOT, Cesame Exadebit

Innovative metering technologies for multi-phase liquified hydrocarbons
by Andrew Hunt, Coventry University

Ignition delay time measurements of LNG mixtures
by Kai Moshammer, PTB

Development of an LNG sampling and composition measurement reference standard
by Jianrong Li, VSL

by Arjen Boersma & Huib Blokland, VSL

Workshop – Density Calculations of LNG
by M. Richter, C. Tietz, M. Thol, R. Kleinrahm, R. Lentner, P. Eckmann and R. Span, RUHR-UNIVERSITÄT BOCHUM

Speed of sound measurements in liquid Methane at cryogenic temperature and for pressure up to 10 MPa
by Simona Lago, P. Alberto Giuliano Albo, INRIM

Determination of the Service Methane Number
by Peter Eilts, Lennart Klare, Technische Universität Braunschweig

LNG research and calibration facility
by Peter Lucas, VSL

Metrology for LNG Workshop and European Flow Measurement Workshop April 2017

 Custody transfer and transport fuel applications:

by Gerard Nieuwenkamp, Noordwijk aan Zee

The VSL LNG research and calibration facility:

By Mijndert van der Beek, Oswin Kerkhof, Dushyant Parkhi, Nikola Pellevi,c Gertjan Kok, Peter Lucas, Rens van den Brink, Erik Smits, Gerard Blom


Presentation from the Marine Fuel and Lubricants conference (MFL)

Metrology for LNG as transport fuel (VSL)

Presentations from the 4th International Workshop of Metrology for LNG

The LNG Training course – 15th June 2016

The Workshop – Metrology for LNG, 16th June 2016

The 3rd International «Metrology for LNG» Workshop, 19. May 2015

Conference «Metrology for LNG» (Delft – The Netherlands, October 17th and 18th, 2013)

Presentations October 17th

Presentations October 18th 

Poster presentations 

2nd International Workshop – Metrology for LNG (East Kilbride, UK, October 31st, 2011)

Metering of LNG workshop (Stockholm – Sweden, November 9th, 2010)