LNG2 Work Packages

Overview of the scientific and technical objectives

The aim of the JRP is to further develop the metrological framework for LNG, both for small and large scale applications. This will contribute to a reduction of the measurement uncertainty of LNG custody transfer by a factor two and to enabling the development of LNG as transport fuel. Therefore, the JRP addresses the following scientific and technical objectives;


Development and validation of novel and traceable calibration standards of LNG mass and volume flow for vehicle fuel dispensing and ship bunkering.
More details of Work Package 1 here: WP1
Contact person: Kurt Rasmussen


Development and validation of novel and improved methods for measuring LNG composition to address the online monitoring of the LNG quality and issues with sampling LNG.
More details of Work Package 2 here: WP2
Contact person: Arul Murugan


Development of a method for the determination of the methane number, including a correlation of the methane number to the LNG composition, in support of the use of LNG as transport fuel.
More details of Work Package 3 hereWP3
Contact personGerard Nieuwenkamp


Development and validation of an improved model for LNG density prediction and the associated uncertainty evaluation.
More details of Work Package 4 here: WP4
Contact person: Juergen Rauch


Designed to maximise the impact for the JRP, by disseminating the results and by strengthening links to industrial stakeholders.
More details of Work Package 5 here: WP5
Contact person: Gaël Chupin


Describes the management of the JRP. The selected methods will ensure an effective and efficient project management.
More details of Work Package 6 here: WP6