?????????????The National Metrology Institute of the Netherlands (VSL)
VSL as being the Dutch standards institute forms part of the Holland Metrology group. The flow laboratories include a very broad range of primary and secondary flow standards with a range spanning 15 decades. VSL is one of the contributors to the harmonised cubic meter together with PTB and LADG. In recent years the expertise of the flow, mass and the temperature (with relevant cryogenic expertise) group has been combined for the purpose of developing a primary LNG flow standard based on the gravimetric principle. The key role for VSL in this project is to further develop this standard, to participate in field-testing and to prepare the realisation of an industrial scale LNG flow standard. The chemical analysis department will provide ample experience in natural gas ranging from fundamental research till field-measurements and is very active in international standardisation groups. VSL will take care of the coordination of the project. The quality of which is ensured by a good reputation and a very long track record of EU research and non-research projects that are or have been coordinated by VSL.