Ruhr University Bochum

RUHR_LOGO_RGBThe thermodynamics group at Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) has long lasting experience not only with regard to the development of densitometers and density measurements but also with regard to highly accurate thermodynamic property standards. The internationally accepted standards for thermodynamic properties of most of the components relevant for LNG and the GERG-2004 standard for natural gases [Kunz, O., Klimeck, R., Wagner, W., Jaeschke, M. The GERG-2004 wide-range reference equation of state for natural gases. GERG Technical Monograph 15. Fortschr.-Ber. VDI, Reihe 6, Nr. 557, VDI-Verlag, Düsseldorf (2007).] are based on reference equations of state developed by this group. The availability of highly accurate density data has always been an essential precondition for the development of highly accurate equations of state. Densitometers based on the design invented at Ruhr-University are applied, e.g., by the NMIs of Germany, USA, Japan and UK. For about twenty years the activities of RUB include measurements on natural gas densities and the design of specialised densitometers for natural gas applications. Two of the most experienced researchers of the group, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Span on the theoretical side and Dr.-Ing. Reiner Kleinrahm on the experimental side, will support the project. The expertise of Prof. Span and Dr. Kleinrahm is summarised for example in:

  • R. Span: Multiparameter equations of state – an accurate source of thermodynamic property data. Springer, Berlin (2000).
  • W. Wagner, R. Kleinrahm, H.W. Lösch, J.T.R. Watson: Hydrostatic balance densimeters with magnetic suspension couplings. In IUPAC Experimental Thermodynamics, Vol. VI: Measurements of the Thermodynamic Properties of Single Phases. Ed.: A.R.H. Goodwin, K.N. Marsh, W.A. Wakeham, 127-149, Elsevier, Amsterdam (2003).
  • W. Wagner and R. Kleinrahm: Densimeters for very accurate density measurements of fluids over a large range of temperature and up to high pressures. Metrologia 41, 2, 24-39 (2004).

Currently the chair for thermodynamics at Ruhr-University employs about 20 post-graduate researchers, of which four are very experienced researchers. The team is supplemented by more than 20 student co-workers and technical staff.

Ruhr-University Bochum is involved into the Metrology for LNG project via a Research Excellence Grant (REG) awarded to Markus Richter. Markus Richter has worked in the thermodynamics group at RUB since October 2004 (with a five month invited guest working at the National Institute of Standard and Technology, USA, in 2009). During his work at Ruhr-University, Markus Richter has contributed to a number of different projects related to density measurements.