JV_LOGO_RGBJV has through the close involvement related to legal metrology and supporting reference standards for the large petroleum industry gained insight and cooperation with some of the predominant stakeholders in the field of petroleum metering in Europe. During 2004 JV applied to the Research Council of Norway for a nationally funded project on the topic of metering of LNG. It was an increased national focus on these issues, and the project was to be collaborated with national stakeholders. As a result of this effort the article ”Challenges and Uncertainties with Fiscal Metering of LNG” was presented at Metrologie 2005 in Lyon. Since the LNG industry related to production and distribution has grown large, and the national legislation covers both static and dynamic measurement of LNG, JV have been focusing on the metrological capabilities in the measuring systems.

As a result of these activities, we will participate within the project in WP 2 and 5 related to field testing of both static and dynamic measurement solutions, uncertainty evaluations and recommendations for standardization.