Force Technology

FORCE_LOGO_RGBFORCE Technology has a long history in theoretical and practical work with flow – liquids other than water and with working in several international standardisation organisations e.g. CEN (TC-groups), European Cooperation in Legal Metrology WELMEC (OIML). FORCE Technology has the highest expertise in Denmark within the field of flow and has a close relationship with the Danish authorities to assist with the technical challenges in the area of legal metrology.
FORCE has experience in calculation of uncertainty budgets for large meter systems in the off-shore industry as well as on-shore in the fields of legal metrology/custody transfer for liquids other than water and gases (e.g. harbour terminals and level gauge systems on storage tanks). FORCE has gained practical experience in handling cryogenic liquids by performing accredited verification on road tankers for cryogenic liquids by using either a reference standard or using weighbridge. FORCE performs calibration of instrumentation on gas-tank-ships (temperature, level gauges and pressure), and has great experience in the field, and will be able to collect relevant data from the instrumentation on gas-tank-ships in use.

The key roles will be providing papers, guidelines and input to standardisation work groups. Calculation of uncertainty budgets for measuring the amount of LNG at custody transfer at ship loading.
Comparing at least two different meters calibrated in water and in a cryogenic liquid.