Cesame Exadebit

LNE_LADG_LOGO_RGBLNE LADG (Cesame Exadebit) has an experience in flow measurement for almost 30 years. It is the French designated Institute for gas flow measurement. It maintains and developps the National gas flow standards (CVFN) and their primary calibration facility (P,V,T,t) method.
It is also one of the three partner including PTB, VSL(former NMI) of the harmonisation agreement of the so called “Harmonised European Reference Value for the Natural Gas Cubic Meter”.
In addition Cesame Exadebit is an accredited laboratory for calibration and testing flow, it also performs the verification of gas meter for legal metrology purpose. It cooperates also with measuring instruments users or manufacturer in France and abroad. Since the end of the nineties LADG has developped expertise for gas flow rate measurement using LDV Techniques in order to evaluate the accuracy of this approach with and without perturbed flows. This research was conducted in collaboration with the French Space Lab ONERA. LADG has followed carefully for more than 20 years (within Euramet, publication or direct contact) the research works carried out by PTB about LDV and miniaturised lasers for measuring and investigating flows.

Key publications :

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