The 3rd International “Metrology for LNG” Workshop

The 3rd International “Metrology for LNG” Workshop will take place at FORCE Technology in Br√łndby, Denmark on the 19th May 2015.

The workshop is part of the cross-national “Metrology for LNG” research project between 9 metrology institutes, 2 universities, 2 unfunded industry partners and several other collaborators, developing metrological framework to support a healthy growth of LNG trade and new applications.

Metrology for LNG
Custody transfer measurements of LNG is characterized by high uncertainty, compared to measurements of other commodities like oil and gasoline.

One of the goals for the research project is to develop a more precise validation facility for cryogenic measurement systems. The target measurement uncertainty is 0.2%. The system can be used as an alternative route for traceability of LNG volume flow measurements and strengthen the metrological framework.

FORCE Technology will host the 3rd International “Metrology for LNG” Workshop in cooperation with LNG Metrology, VSL, PTB, Shell and others.

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